Data Center

At Fibernet Technology, we offer an affordable solution for all your colocations needs. 
Our state-of-the-art facilities-strategically located along the east coast from Miami to Maryland provides a flexible array of collocation options ranging fro shelves to multiple racks to private cages. We also have an 11 to 148 degree west longitude satellite arc, making it an ideal location for your antenna installation. 
At the heart of our colocation services is our secure data center with 24/7 customer support and our expert engineering team standing by to assit you  in any way necessary to ensure the competitive edge and continuity your organization demands.
Fibernet Technology, Colocation services offer the required ammount of space and support which ranges from a shared of a single cabinet to a private, caged are encompassing hundreds of cabinets and yhouthands of square feet. 
For Fibernet Technology colocation customers, Fibernet offers MicroMetering so that the data center colocations customers will now enjoy all the benefits of metered power including cost-savings, power redundancy and a data center growth path more aligned with needs. MicroMetering can cut data center colocation power cost up to 70%.
Fibernet Colocation Features:
  • Neutrality: Carrier neutral with resillient connections to multiple providers.
  • Connectivity: Multiple fiber-optic carriers and upstream Tier 1 Internet backbone
  • Cooling: Redundant HVAC systems that maintain consistent humidity and temperature to better than ASHRAE specifications.
  • Generator Protected: Multiple on-site Diesel Generators
  • Secure Facility: Access to the cabinet/cage colocation area controlled by state-of-the-art security measures including biometric security, infrared cameras, proximity access devices, physical perimeter alarms and on-site security staff
  • Access Control: Access list, locks, keypad, hand scan, proximity & retina scan all available to protect your access control area and enable third-party assistance where requested.
  • Power Options: Complete power options available including: 120V, 208V single phase, 208V 3-phase, 277V/480V 3-phase (Supporting OpenCompute). DC and other options available.
  • Space Available: Hundreth of cabinets to less than one cabinet. Space less than one half cabinet can be shared.
  • Network Options: Colocation customers can contract with carriers directly in the data center, and or cross connection from Fibernet to other buildings and carriers. Customers can also choose Fibernet managed internet bandwidth.
  • On-Site Support: Fibernet offers a full range of support options from basic remote hands to skilled engineering support. 
  • Service Level Agreement: Fibernet colocation services and all additional services are backed by an extensive coverage to the Fibernet 100% SLA
  • Microwave/Satellite: Accomodations made for microwave/satellite antenna either in the facility on your pad or roof subject to design and regulatory approval.